New Louisiana Insurance Laws Address Citizens, Proof of Insurance, DWIs

New Louisiana Insurance Laws Address Citizens, Proof of Insurance, DWIs
By Louisiana Department of Insurance

In addition to suspending the 10 percent surcharge rule on property insurance provided by Louisiana’s property insurer of last resort in certain coastal parishes, recently passed state legislation includes provisions for allowing electronic proof of vehicle insurance and a number of changes to DWI rules.

The following are some property/casualty legislation passed by lawmakers earlier this year, including those recommended by the Louisiana Property and Casualty Insurance Commission (LPCIC) and the Governor’s Task Force on DWI and Vehicular Homicide:
•SB 204 (ACT 632): Includes Louisiana Citizens Property Insurance Corporation among the entities exempt from furnishing bonds in judicial proceedings and suspends the 10 percent premium surcharge in 12 coastal parishes until Aug.t 15, 2015.
•SB 208 (ACT 317): Adds a representative of the Louisiana Surplus Lines Association and the Deputy Commissioner of Consumer Advocacy (Department of Insurance) to the membership of the LPCIC.
•SB 306 (ACT 547): Addressed the computation of time for the 10-year cleansing period for DWI offenses. The goal of the bill was to have probation and parole treated similarly. This bill retains present law and adds that the 10-year period will not include the time in which the defendant is on parole.
•SB 488 (ACT 470): Clarifies that existing law requiring a 45-day “hard suspension” of a driver’s license applies to all second offense DWI’s.
•SB 559 (ACT 368): Requires proof of SR-22 financial responsibility and SR-26 notice of cancellation or termination to be submitted electronically to the Office of Motor Vehicles.
•HB 595 (ACT 271): Provides for technical recodification of certain provisions of the Louisiana Insurance Code.
•HB 781 (ACT 592): Provides relative to the administration of multiple chemical tests for suspected drunken drivers and persons under arrest for offenses involving the operation of a vehicle while intoxicated.
•HB 1053 (ACT 512): Repeals the 2010 law prohibiting the impoundment of motor vehicles when the driver cannot produce proof of compulsory liability security.
•HB 1130 (ACT 824): Provides for electronic display of proof of insurance by the driver of a vehicle.

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